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Ms. Garcia

Ms. Garcia is originally from Texas but grew up in Orange County. She is the youngest of five children. Her parents believed in the importance of education and made sure all the Garcia kids went to college.  Ms. Garcia’s parents still live in Orange County.  Ms. Garcia didn't start off with the vision of becoming a teacher.  In college she majored in finance then continued to complete her MBA.   Teaching is her second career.  After college she worked as a Mid-level manager in business for ten years.  She wasn't satisfied so she went back to school at night and earned her teaching credential.  Her first teaching assignment was in kindergarten.  The next eight years she spent teaching mostly 5th grade gifted classes.  During that time she went back to school in the evenings and pursued a Masters in Education as well as an Administrative Services Credential. Prior coming to Portola, Ms. Garcia was the Magnet Coordinator at Sepulveda Gifted Magnet.  This is her second year at Portola.  She said, “ I was amazed when I got here and saw the level of the kids at Portola.  The kids are extraordinary and have so much to offer.  My hope is to see all students working up to their potential.” On a personal note, Ms. Garcia spends her summers jet skiing and bicycling.  Every weekend she’s out on her bike.  She rides about 100 miles each weekend.  Cycling gives her the chance to exercise, spend times with friends and push herself to be the best. She loves the challenge of riding up hills the most, and the freedom of riding.  Sports have always been important to Ms. Garcia.  She played basketball and softball in high school.  She wanted to continue being athletic after high school so she took up bike riding.  Ms. Garcia is a huge Minnesota Vikings and Sparks sports fan. She really likes working with the kids and trying to help them get on the path to college. She believes that gifted kids are the future!