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Eligibility:  Highly Gifted & HG-Applicable 
Children are eligible for Highly Gifted (HG) Magnet schools if they test in the 99.5th percentile or above on an intelligence (IQ) test conducted by an LAUSD psychologist. Priority is given to children with 99.9%, officially “Highly Gifted” by LAUSD definition. If there are openings remaining in the program, “Gifted” students with 99.5%-99.8% (“Highly Gifted Applicable”) can be admitted, with priority based on Magnet points. 

IQ Test v. OLSAT Test
Starting in 2011, all LAUSD second-graders were given the OLSAT test. This is not an IQ test, but an “ability” test, which can qualify them for regular Gifted schools, but NOT for Highly Gifted programs like the Portola HGM. You still need to request an IQ test to be eligible for the Highly Gifted program. 

IQ Test for Eligibility
LAUSD students may request a psychologist-administered IQ test through the GATE Coordinator at your school. If “HG” appears on your child's elementary school report card, that means she/he tested in the 99.9th percentile. If "Intellectual" appears, you should call LAUSD’s Gifted/Talented Education office (GATE) at (213) 241-6500 to find out whether they are HG-applicable (99.5%+).

LAUSD-affiliated Charter students may request a LAUSD-administered IQ test, but know that you may meet greater resistance because the school needs to pay $50 per child to be tested by LAUSD (because the charter school already received all the money that would have paid for testing). 

Private School Students - see Admission Process for Private School Students on Portola Highly Gifted Page

Everyone: Due to staffing cuts, it can take several months to get tested and to receive results. Stay persistent if you believe your child may be highly gifted. Your child has a legal right to an appropriate education that meets their needs. You may request results sooner by contacting the LAUSD GATE Office directly at (213) 241-6500.