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Please contact the the MPA ( if you would like to help.  Here are some of the standing committees
Enrichment Trips Committees
The enrichment trips committee organizes multi-day, overnight field trips for each grade. The program includes a 6th grade trip to Catalina Island Marine Institute, a 7th grade trip to El Chorro Nature School and an 8th grade trip to YMCA Camp Whittle.

Events Committees
The Events Committee organizes all events sponsored by the Magnet Parent Association (MPA). We have an Annual Welcome Picnic which is held in September. In addition, there will be at least two guest speakers each school year focusing on issues parents are concerned about. 

Communications Committee
The Communications Committee is responsible for the design and maintenance of the web site and the production of the newsletter. 

Fundraising Committee
An essential way that our families ensure continuing excellence at Portola Magnet is through financial support.  The MPA helps provide many basics no longer provided by the district, along with extras requested by teachers to enrich the student experience. 

Grant-Writing Committee
The grant-writing committee intends to seek grants to both enrich the magnet’s offerings and make up for current and anticipated funding shortfalls. Opportunities for participation include chairing the committee, doing research, and assisting with writing and project management.