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Magnet Applications - Beware the 3 choices

posted Nov 13, 2013, 8:54 AM by LA MagnetSchools   [ updated Nov 14, 2013, 9:47 AM ]

If you are applying to a Magnet school through 
eChoices, you may notice that you can now choose up to 3 programs.  Please be aware that choosing more than 1 school might reduce your chances of getting into your top choice. 

Though many Magnets start out with a long waitlist, many or all students eventually get accepted. For example, every student who applied to North Hollywood HGM through eChoices was eventually admitted.  However, IF you apply to 2 or 3 Magnets and do not get accepted immediately by your 1st choice, your child MAY NOT get on the waitlist for their top school. 

Here's how the process works: If you list 3 choices on the application and your 1st choice school is full, the system will immediately look at your 2nd choice.  If that program has no openings, the system will look at your 3rd choice.  If either #2 or #3 has an opening, your application will go to that school and your higher choice school(s) will never know you applied to them.  Your child's name will never appear on any list for your upper choice(s).  The same scenario holds true if you list only 2 choices.  The only way your child will get on choice #1's waitlist is if your 2nd and 3rd choice schools have no openings.

Therefore, Ms. Garcia recommends that if you feel strongly about your top choice (and have a reasonable expectation of eventual acceptance), then list only 1 school on your Magnet application.  If you feel equally strongly about several schools, then list more.   By applying to only 1 Magnet, you are guaranteeing that either your child will be accepted or that they will get on the waitlist for your 1st choice. 

What are your chances of getting in?  Talk to the Magnet Coordinator at your top choice school to research the history of their acceptance patterns and final points cutoff (sometimes different for white and non-white students).  If you want backup schools, you can still apply to as many non-Magnets (open enrollment, SAS, charter, private) as you like. 

If you already submitted your eChoices application, you can still edit your application until Friday, November 15, IF you still have the 7-digit confirmation number from the application receipt.  If you did not keep this number, please contact LAUSD Office of Integration, at (213) 241-4177, about how to change your application.  They are getting many phone calls this week, so be persistent or call during non-peak times. The last day for all applications and changes is this Friday, November 15, 2013.

If you have further questions, please contact Ms. Garcia or the Magnet Coordinator at the school to which you are applying.

Hope this helps,
Portola Magnet Parents Association