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Holiday Colors Spirit Day Winner!

posted Dec 14, 2015, 9:36 PM by Niko Gevorgian
ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS (and teachers): As most of you know, we recently had our holiday color spirit day (as it says in the title). All the home rooms had excellent participation rates, and some home rooms even had over 100%! But, unfortunately, as like all contests, there can only be one winner. That winner is (drum roll, please. Thank you.)... MR. STEVENSON'S home room! Congratulations to all the students in Mr. Stevenson's home room (and Mr. Stevenson. We couldn't forget him, could we? No. We couldn't.)! Thank you to everyone for participating in last weeks spirit day!! Just remember: Even if your home room hasn't won a spirit day (from Magnet Student Council. Not Leadership) this year, there are going to be many more next year. Good luck!