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8th Grade Superlative Results

posted Feb 12, 2016, 8:21 PM by Niko Gevorgian
ATTENTION ALL 8TH GRADE STUDENTS (and teachers): Our 8th grade superlatives were announced today, and some of our winners were absent today, so they do not know if they won. Some others didn't hear the announcement, and they don't know if any of their friends won, either. The superlatives (and the 2 people who won that category) will be listed here. For privacy reasons, the person last name will NOT be listed. Anyways, here we go:
Best Hair- Bennett and Kaylen
Best All-Around- Hayden and Emily
Most Likely to Succeed- Benjamin and Megha
Best Personality- Timothy and Yumi
Most Talkative- Kevin and Cindy
Best Eyes- Min and Ainsley
Most Athletic- Jeremy and Cathy
Most Creative- Joseph and Donna
Friendliest- Logan and Yumi
Cutest- Declan and Julia
Funniest- Eric and Christine
Most Likely to be Famous- Deven and Kaylen
Most Changed Since 6th Grade- Eric and Joyce
Most Unique- Jonathan and Fiona
Life of the Party- Kevin and Paula
Best Musician- Bennett and Emily
Congratulations to all the students listed above! If you see your name listed anywhere above, make sure to dress nicely on Tuesday. What's happening on Tuesday, you ask? Our school is having a professional photographer come and take your photo. You will receive a summons on Tuesday, so BE PREPARED!!