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8th Grade End-of-Year Slideshow

posted Feb 23, 2016, 4:10 PM by Niko Gevorgian
ATTENTION ALL 8TH GRADE STUDENTS: As most of you know, the Historian puts together a slideshow of photos of all 3 years for the graduating class which is to be played at our Magnet Graduation which is to be held in the MPR on Thursday, June 9. Here's where you come in (no, not Design Squad). I need you to send me any photos you have of our graduating class so that I can use in the slideshow. Photos from any grade will help. I will take any photos you have, including (but not limited to) group photos, selfies (group or individual), and class photos. If you want to send any photos, you can email it to me at 
Thank you, 
Niko Gevorgian
Magnet Historian, Class of 2016