Science Fair Awards: Top Projects Overall

Overall winners are based on normed scores from judges. 
(Judging criteria)


8th Grade

7th Grade


Sophia Hewitt

Effect of telomerase production and telomere length on Tetrahymena thermophila due to EGCG application*

Wyatt Dahstrom

How does exercise affect the human circulatory and respiratory systems?

Silver Award

Jessica Mindel

Indoor photovoltaic cell effectiveness at different angles*

Isaiah O’Neal

 In a Venus flytrap, does food type affect speed of trap closure and the duration of its closed state?*

Bronze Award

Ella Michaels

Effect of Antioxidants on H2O2's Ability to Kill Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast*

Sharukh Lal

What wood and glue connections are strongest?*

* Projects going to the LA County Science Fair

We hope to share photos of the Science Fair and other school activities, but need everyone to complete the LAUSD photo release sent home at the beginning of the year.  If you have not completed the form this year, please do so and have your child give it to their Homeroom teacher.