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Portola HGM Science Fair 2015

Science Fair Volunteers

A complex event to challenge 165 Magnet students and reach over 1000 students schoolwide is only possible through the hard work and dedication of many.  Huge Thanks to parents and families who helped out in many ways.

Organizing Committee
Kent Banno

Maria Hellman (Aukee)
Mukesh Jain
Phil Chung
Quynh Nguyen (Michaels)

Volunteers & Donors
Anat Golan
Arge O'Neal
Beth McGoldrick (Hyman)
Christine Krausz
Elizabeth Hatzer
Lisa Shapiro
Luyi Li
Manuela Rocha (Ramirez)
Nancy Bermudes
Niko Gevorgian
Parissa Neamati
Patricia Dalton
Samantha Soule
Scott Wyler
Shari Nicotero
Stacey Gonsalvez
Zev Rozen

And everyone who donated to the Magnet Parents Association MPA, for funding the Science Fair!