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Science Fair Projects 2015

Congratulations for all the great work!

Student                Project

Aashna Cheedu              Which nut produces the most energy?

Adam Silberman             What soda would go the highest if one Mentos is dropped into each?

Aidan Mann                     How do different kinds of light affect radish growth?

Ainsley Ward                   What is the effect of caffeine on typing speed?

Albert Liu                         Can the algorithms used to filter background noise be improved?

Alejandro Piscione           Does eye color affect peripheral vision?

Alex Saadi                       How Do Video Games and TV Affect the Human Brain?

Alex Turner                     What carbohydrate helps yeast produce the most
                                      carbon dioxide?

Alexander Hyman           Area of the Arbelos

Alyna Marrero                 How does your age and gender effect your lung capacity?

Amy Pham                      How do different colored lights affect plant growth?

Andrew Vu                      Effects of Music on Completing Homework

Angelica Stuczynski        Effects of Music on Typing Speed

Anthony Gryevtsov           Effect of Beet Juice on Blood Pressure

Anurag Karra                   Corrosion and Mass

Ari Bermudes                  Can Hydrogen Peroxide-Producing Bacteria Create a Battery?

Ari Rozen                        Effects of Video Games on Reaction Time and Hand-Eye Coordination

Arielle Zaytsev                Enjoy Now…Or Later? A 2-Year Study of Delaying Gratification

Ava Olson                       How do different types of distractions affect the quality of driving?

Benjamin Hewitt              Retention of Larval Stage Conditioning in Post-Metamorphic Pieris Rapae Butterflies

Bennett Wyler                 Effects of Playing Different Types of Video Games on Test-Taking Performance

Brandon Hong                 How Do Shapes and Different Amounts of Acidic Substances Affect Mass Over Time?

Brian Mendez                  What makes ice melt faster?

Caitlin Vamenta                

Carlos Sosa                    Effect of Different Liquids on the Bacopa Plant

Catelyn Kalm                  How do different brands of toothpaste affect the stains of various drinks on teeth?

Catherine Canizalez        What Type of Bread gets Moldiest Fastest?

Catherine Yim                 How would the pH in a flower's soil affect its growth?

Chandler Lyon                 Which substance works best  at prohibiting bacteria on an agar filled petri dish?

Christina Cha                  How does the structure of a bridge affect how stable and strong it is?

Christine O'Connor          Comparison of a Dome’s and Rectangular Structure’s Ability ot Hold a Vertical Weight Load

Cindy Xie                         Which kind of nut stores the most calories?

Cyle Ignacio                    Are Students Able to Follow the Specific Directions Give on a Sheet?

Cyrus Wilson                   How Do the Colors in a Lego Set Affect the Brand Appeal to Color-Blind People?

Daniel Huynh                  Does Tire Pressure Affect the Ride?

Daniel Joo                       How does surface area and tempurature affect the coefficient of friction?

Daniel Shamtob              How does glass affect the likeliness of a wildfire?

Daniel Wenick                 Effects of Sleep on Test-Taking

Danielle Mendelsohn       How does the shape of a 3D object change the amount of light reflected off of it?

Dario Sanai                     Effects of Mnemonics on Memory

David Arutyunian            What Parachute Material and Shape Will Slow Down a
                                    Weight the Best?

David Petrosian               How much height is needed for a Loop the Loop?

Dayeon Hwang               What type of building structure is most sturdy?

Declan Bulwa                  Effect of Sodium Citrate on Blood Clotting

Declan Murray                Beam Bridge Building Materials and Deck Strength

Deven Nicotero               How Quickly Our Senses Identify Certain Foods

Dominique Dorian           Does oxidation affect how apples taste?

Donna Kim                      Effect of Gravitational Direction on Root Growth

Dorothy Bugliari              Are Fingerprints Inherited?

Dylan Lee                        The Most Efficient Angle of Attack of an Airplane's Wing

Elijah Hong                      Does carbonation or sugar content affect the growth of pea plants?

Ella Young                       Which type of plant fertilizer works best: granular or liquid?

Emily Banno                    What is the Best Mulch Material to Prevent Soil Water Evaporation?

Emily Glickman               Difference in Plant Growth and Germination Rate Using Grey, Rain, and Tap Water

Emily Jin                         Using Wearable Heart Rate Monitors to Take the First Step in Detecting Disorders

Eric Quinn                       How does the elasticity of a rubber band change with different temperatures?

Estephanie Lopez            What makes ice melt faster?

Ester Hwang                   Microwave Candy: How Fast do M&Ms of Different Colors Crack?

Ethan Kozberg                How Does the Amount of Pennies in a Self-Made Battery
                                      Affect How Long a LED Lightbulb Lasts?

Fahmida Rahman            How does chemicals affect the color of fire? 

Fiona Collantes               A Bottle Bulb For a Brighter Day

Genu Lee                        Which Plate Material is the Strongest?

George Mena                  How Video Games Affect the Human Body

Glen Husman                  What programming language will perform simple
                                       mathematical operations with the most speed?

Hanna Franchi                What type of orange juice contains the most Vitamin C?

Harrison Rosenthal         Effects of Different Types of Acids on Height and Mass of Cupcakes

Hayden Soule                 Effect of Liquid Nitrogen on a YBa2Cu3O7 Superconductor’s
                                     Relationship with a Rare Earth Magnet 

Ian Moss                        Effect of Solute Concentration on Freezing Point Depression

Isaac Graham                 Differences in Types of Light on Pea Plants

Isaiah O'Neal                   Effects of Sequential Stimulation over Time on Action Potential Generation and Trap Closure in a Venus Flytrap

Jackson Prybil                A Qualitative Study of the Effects of Ph on the Cellular Structure of Crop Products

Jacob Friedman              Which sports drink has the most electrolytes?

Jacob Piaseckyj              A "Current" Event: An Experiment of Electric Current Through Household Foods and Liquids

Jake Gonzaga                 Heat Capacity of Oil and Water

James Bowden               Antibiotic Resistance Through Repeated Exposure

Jay Bala                          How Temperature Affects the Elasticity of Rubber Bands

Jeffrey Weiss                  How does aspirin affect plant growth?

Jennifer Hritz                   How do Various Materials and Methods Affect the Ability to Generate and Store Static Electricity?

Jeremy Paterson            Could different colors of light affect the brightness of a sun-print image?

Jessica Takeda               Do males or females have stronger directed attention?

Jihan Kim                        How does pH affect yeast growth?

Johnathan Olson             Using Acetone to Remove Fats and Proteins from a Heart to Replace with New Cells for Organ Fabrication

Jordan Shaibani              Controlling Blood Sugar with Natural Substances

Joseph Catt                     How do different acids affect the rate of corrosion on steel?

Joshna Jude Jose           How does heating different types of water affect their pH level?

Joy Wyckoff                   Effects of Watching Television Before Bed on Sleep Quality

Joyce Li                           Effects of Anticoagulants on the Process of Blood Coagulation

Julia Briggs                      Effect of Music on Memory

Julianna Pham                Effects of Food Coloring on the Smell of Drinks

Justin Zheng                    How Fast Will Eggshells Get Stained?

Kailey Krausz                  Weight-Bearing Capacity of Different Types of Bridges

Kamren James               Does the weight of paper affect the distance a paper airplane can fly?

Karl Hernandez               Which type of vegetable produces more electricity?

Kathiravan Kannan         Hwo the Name of Cereal Brands Affect the Way Children Choose Cereals

Katie Nguyen                  Which cooling device can make the liquid cool the fastest?

Kaylen Harris                  Do jets generate more sounds during takeoff or landing?

Kevin Ji                           How Does Water Affect Mold Growth on Strawberries and Raspberries?

Kevin Song                      Refraction of Lights Through Liquids

Kiwon Yang                     Lego Sensor Accuracy

Kiyan Atrian                    How does the salinity of water effect electrolysis?

Kristina Sobolevskaya     Effect of Different Substances and Temperatures on Mold Growth on Strawberries

Kyle Hernandez              How does temperature affect the elasticity of rubber bands?

Lauren Carter                  Effect of Different Materials and Force on the Quality of Fingerprints

Lauren Takeda                Effect of Color on a Bird Feeder’s Ability to Attract Birds

Leo Golub                        Which makes solar desalination more efficient, an aluminum reflector or a graphite sponge?

Lia Bonver                       How does moonlight affect the growth of plants?

Liam Salehi                     What substance most efficiently removes skunk spray odor?

Linda Wakamoto             Which SPF Sunscreen Works Better: 15, 30 or 50?

Logan Dalton                   Examining Potential Well Water Contamination on the Dalton Homestead

Louie Shapiro                  Which Roof Truss - Kingpost, Queen or Fink - Can Bear the Most Weight?

Lucienne Reyes              Do violinists have longer left fingers?

Luke Ying                        How do different concentrations of salt affect the bouyancy of an egg?

Madeline Conroy             How Do Different Levels of Exposure Affect a Photograph?

Mannat Thakur                how does different liquids affect the growth and health of a flower?

Marina Aziz                     How does salinity affect the growth of mung beans?

Mark Avila                       Effect of Using a Rubik's Cube Before A Test

Matthew Aukee               Effects of Area, Shape and Material Difference on a Parachute's Rate of Descent to Area

Matthew Canlas              Does bitter melon abstract cause apoptotic death in cancer cells?

Max Repass                    What Political Party is the Nation's Most Prosperous?

Maxim Zhulin                  Performance of Sorting Algorithms

Maya Satnick                  Memory: Visual Vs. Auditory

Maya Zeltzer                   Which Antifungal Has the Most Negative Effect on Yeast Growth?

Megan Lee                      Does caffeine effect the growth of green bean sprouts and soybean sprouts?

Megha Jain                     The Ideal Length of UVA Exposure

Michael Kazantsev          Effect of Hooked Weights on Various Springs

Mikomi Yanagisawa        Does chewing gum enhance concentration?

Min Choi                         Materials that Block Wi-Fi Signals

Nicholas Gevorgian         The Study of Variables to Improve Picture Quality

Nicole Ramirez               Can Orange Juice Have More Electrolytes than Sports Drink?

Nitai Vijay Das                 Preventing Oxidization Using Different Solutions

Omar Syed                     Does the salinity in plants effect the growth on plants?

Paul Capiral                     Which Sensor Will Help The Robot Finish A Maze Faster?

Paula Toranzo                 Understanding the Basic Relationship Between Musical
                                      Chords and Emotion

Quincy Quarles               What makes a good aerodynamic design in paper gliders?

Ray Ruizhe Wang           Effects of a Bigger Riding Motion on the Speed of the Two-Wheeled Skateboard

Salvador Ramirez, Jr.     How Well Do Different Ingredients in Skin Moisturizers Work on a Model of Human Skin?

Sam Blumkin                  Does the color of text affect the ability to solve mathematical problems?

Sam Kazimirowicz          Watching Grass Grow: Effects of Gibberellic Acid

Saman Fayaz Rad          How does music affect your heart rate?

Sankirth Vutukuri            Basketball Accuracy

Sarah Cannady               Can color enhance or affect flavor?

Sarah Krausz                  The Application of the Golden Ratio in Architecture to Earthquake Safety

Schuyler Higginson         How does aeroponics compare to geoponics?

Serin Shin                        Effects of Mnemonics on Word Memorization

Sharukh Lal                     Will Plants Grow Better in Water with Fish Waste than in the
                                      Ground with Fertilizer?

Shinwoo Kim                   The Effect of Font Style on Memorization

Sivan Levy                      How does the position of a solar panel affect its efficiency?

Sofia Cohen                    What is the Effect of Music on Memory?

Solla Deitrick                   Does the shape of a parachute affect how fast it falls?

Stanley Woo                    Effects of Magnetism on Electromagnets

Stanton Lee                     Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on Seed Germination and Root Formation of Plant Cuttings

Sujit Ponguluri                 Effect of Balloon Size on Hover Time

Tai Michaels                    Which Bacteriophage Kills More E. Coli?

Tiffany Micu                    How do sugar, salt and ice affect the freezing point of water?

Timothy Cho                   Effects of Different Font Sizes on Memory

Tom Panenko                 What is the best form of packaging to use for
                                     delivering goods?

Tommy Beres                 Effect of Different Liquids on Plant Growth

Tyler Meshkinyar            Effects of Quarterly Reports on the Stock Market

Wyatt Dahlstrom             Effect of String, Bob Weight and Arch Angle on the
                                      Frequency and Wavelength of a Pendulum

Yarden Akin                    Using paper chromatography to discern pen dyes

Yumi Shim                      Diet and Regular Coke Affect the Refraction Index

Zhuo Li                            Effects of Juice Plants on Growth