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Portola HGM Science Fair 2015

Judges' Special Awards

Each judge could choose one project that excelled in any single aspect of good science.

Applicability in Alleviating Drought Issues in California

Emily Banno – What is the Best Mulch Material to Prevent Soil Water Evaporation?


Creative / Outstanding Methodology

Max Repass – What Political Party Leads to the Most Prosperity for the Nation?

Salvador Ramirez Jr. – How Well Do Different Moisturizer Ingredients Work on a Model of Human Skin?

Alexandrea Turner - What Carbohydrate Helps Yeast Produce the Most Carbon Dioxide?


Deriving Scientific Lessons From a Failed Hypothesis

Esther Hwang – Microwave Candy: How Fast do M&Ms of Different Colors Crack?


Excellent Use of Simple Materials

Ethan Kozberg – How Does the Amount of Pennies in a Self-Made Battery Affect How Long a LED Lightbulb Lasts?


Excellent Formulation of a Problem, High Potential to Succeed in Industry

Christine O’Connor – Comparison of a Dome and Rectangular Structure’s Ability to Hold a Weight Load


Following Your Heart

Lauren Takeda – Effect of Color on a Bird Feeder’s Ability to Attract Birds


Advanced Experimental Technique

James Bowden – Antibiotic Resistance from Repeated Exposure

Tai Michaels – Which Bacteriophage is Better at Killing E. Coli?


Outstanding Presentation Skills and Spirit of Demonstration

Sharukh Lal – Will Plants Grow Better in Water with Fish Waste than in the Ground with Fertilizer?

Serin Shin – Effects of Mnemonics on Word Memorization


Outstanding Use of Images to Convey Information

Declan Bulwa – Effect of Sodium Citrate on Blood Clotting


Outstanding Use of Scientific Instrumentation

Jennifer Hritz - How Materials and Methods Affect the Ability to Generate and Store Static Electricity


Practical Application of a Novel Question

Sarah Krausz – The Application of the Golden Ratio in Architecture to Earthquake Safety

Logan Dalton – Examining Potential Well Water Contamination on the Dalton Homestead, Idaho


Practical Application

Anthony Gryevtsov – Effect of Beet Juice on Blood Pressure

Bennet Wyler – Effects of Playing Different Types of Video Games on Test-Taking Performance


Thinking Outside the Box

Jonathon Olson – Removing Cells and Proteins from a Heart to Replace for Organ Fabrication