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Portola HGM Science Fair 2015

Top Projects Overall

Overall winners are based on normed scores from judges. 
(Judging criteria)


8th Grade

7th Grade


Isaiah O'Neal

Effects of Sequential Stimulation Over Time on Action Potential Generation and Trap Closure in a Venus Flytrap

Benjamin Hewitt

Retention of Larval Stage Conditioning in Post-Metamorphic Pieris Rapae butterflies


Albert Liu

Can the Tracking Algorithms Used to Filter Background Noise Be Improved?

Cindy Xie

 It's Nutty: Amount of Calories in Different Kinds of Nuts


Leo Golub

Effect of Graphite Sponge and Aluminum Foil Reflector on Solar Desalinator

Paula Toranzo

Understanding the Basic Relationship Between Musical Chords and Emotion