Science Fair Volunteers

A complex event to challenge 160 Magnet students and reach over 1000 students schoolwide is only possible through the hard work and dedication of many.  Huge Thanks to parents and families who helped out in many ways

Organizing Committee
Quynh Nguyen (Michaels)
Maria Hellman (Aukee)
Monika Jain
Mukesh Jain


Alexandra Mann
Beth McGoldrick (Hyman) & Frodo
Cathy Mendelsohn

Dalet Brady (Bulwa)

Denise Schall & Family
Emily Guo
Jennifer Gusdorf & Family
Lordino Hernandez

Manuela Rocha (Ramirez)
Melissa Standish & Family
Phung Huynh (Pham)

Sandie Minasian (Doroski) & Family
Shelly Zeltzer
Teodora Micu
Zen Rozen

...and to supporters of the Magnet Parents Association,
for funding this event.