Science Fair: Peoples' Choice Awards

Public Day of the Science Fair challenged Magnet students to explain their projects to the general public.  Over 1000 other students and faculty viewed the science project displays, questioned the young scientists, and voted on project merits.  Huge thanks to Portola Science teachers who brought their students throughout the day.

Most Informative Answers to My Questions

Arielle Zatsev -  Understanding Delayed Gratification: Enjoy it now or Enjoy it Later?
Vishy Vasudevan  -  How does the angle of the blade affect the efficiency of a water turbine?*

Most Creative Experiment
Daniel Wenick  -  Best technique to make the most three-pointers with least shoulder stress in basketball
Isaiah Hong  -  Which Hydraulic Arm Works The Best?

Most Useful/Interesting to Me
Caitlyn Vamenta  -  What blade attached to a wind turbine will produce the most amount of electricity,                                 thus being more efficient?
Charles Salmans  -  Can people tell the difference between brands of soda by taste alone?

Most Thorough Investigation of a Question
Yarden Akin  -  Which search engine is better, Google or Yahoo?
Matthew Kogan  -  Can Colors Make You Hungry?

Most Clear and Informative Board
Maddie Conroy  -  Can burnt cookies be blamed on the cookie sheet?
Jennifer Choi-Nakama  -  Testing the Mpemba Effect

* Projects going to the LA County Science Fair