Science Fair Judging Criteria
The most important objective of this event was the opportunity for students to discuss their work with experts.  Second was to inspire more self-directed scientific inquiry.  Awards were a medium priority, so we kept judging criteria simple so judges could spend more time talking to students.  Here is the scoring system used: 

OVERALL CREATIVITY (40 points), examples…

Problem is original or it’s a unique approach to an old problem

Novel design of experiment 

Equipment and materials are used ingeniously

Analysis and conclusions are thoughtful


SCIENTIFIC THOUGHT, 10 points for each of the following...

___ Hypothesis & project design are clear

___ Effort & depth of study

___ Data recording & analysis are thorough

___ Sampling techniques & data collection are acceptable for problem

___ Scientific procedures are appropriate and organized

___ Conclusions are logical and  relevant to the hypothesis

(Criteria for Applied Engineering projects are different)