Science Fair: Judges' Special Awards

Each judge could choose one project that excelled in any single aspect of good science

Creative Methodology / Design of Experiment

Alexander Ke - The Correlation between Stock Market Movement and Investor Behavior

Roshan Jagani - Which airfoil design glides the farthest when applied to a glider fuselage?

Louie Shapiro - Which type of mouse, albino or pigmented, can get through a maze consistently faster?

Kelia Lomeli - Will anacharis plants exposed to oil for a longer period of time exhibit more signs of

                        stress and deterioration?

Matthew Canlas - Do actions associated with anger create anger themselves?

Stanley Woo - What different types of solutions will conduct the most amount of volts?

Max Repass  - How does viscosity affect shock absorption?*


Innovative Use of Household Object as a Scientific Instrument

Linda Wakamoto - Vinegar vs. Sunlight: Which kills more bacteria in

                              shoes worn recently?


Novel Experiment

Maya Zeltzer - How does eye color affect peripheral vision?*


Outstanding Clarity of Project

Liam Shay - How does the ratio of surface area to weight

                    affect the energy production of wind turbines?


Outstanding Data Measurements and Design of Experiment

Maya Satnick - Do people of different ages and sex see optical

                        illusions differently?


Outstanding Defense of Project (Interview)

Benjamin Schall - Speech Jamming Or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Delay*

Raymundo Salcedo - Effects of Differing String Tensions and Types on Rebound Distance


Outstanding Practical Application

Tai Michaels - Observing the Effects of Wind and Weight on a Model Suspension Bridge to Design a

                        Better Bridge*

Albert Liu - Can quicksort or heapsort be optimized for incrementally available data?*


Outstanding Research

Angela Stuczynski - How does the color of typeface affect the assimilation of written material?

Muchang Bhang - How do different types of sweeteners affect yeast growth?*


Outstanding Technique for Accurate Measurements

Oz Inderbitzin - How does the height from which a tennis ball is dropped affect the height of  its bounce?


Outstanding Tenacity

Jack Standish - Does altitude affect background radiation?*


Usefulness for Clean Energy

Kio Murayama - Windmill Blade Efficiency

* Projects going to the
LA County Science Fair

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