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Portola HGM Science Fair 2015

Peoples' Choice Awards

Over 1000 students and faculty viewed the science project displays, questioned the young scientists, and voted on project merits.  Huge thanks to Portola Science teachers who brought their students throughout the day.

Most Informative Answers to Questions

Jackson Prybil – A Qualitative Study of the Effects of Ph on the Cellular Structure of Crop Products

Dylan Lee – The Most Efficient Angle of Attack of an Airplane’s Wing


Most Thorough Investigation of a Question

Lauren Carter – Effect of Different Materials and Force on the Quality of Fingerprints

Arielle Zatsev –  Enjoy Now… Or Later?  A 2-Year Study of Delaying Gratification

Most Useful/Interesting

Kristina Sobolevskaya – Effect of Three Substances and Two Temperatures on How Quickly and How Much Mold Grows on Strawberries

Andrew Vu – Effects of Music on Completing Homework


Most Creative Experiment

Cyrus Wilson – How Do the Colors in a Lego Set Affect the Brand Appeal to Color-Blind People?

Sam Kazimirovicz – Watching Grass Grow: The Effects of Gibberellic Acid


Most Clear and Informative Board

Hayden Soule– Effect of Liquid Nitrogen on a YBa2Cu3O7 Superconductor’s Relationship with a
Rare Earth Magnet

Sivan Levy – How Does the Position of a Solar Panel Affect Its Efficiency?