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Judging Criteria, 2015 Science Fair

Scientific Thought – 50%

The project should have a clearly stated hypothesis and project design. The thoroughness in which the question has been addressed can be seen in the depth of study and the clear recording and analysis of data.  The materials, methods, and experimental design should be sufficient to answer appropriate questions.  The conclusions are logical and relevant to the hypothesis. 

Creativity – 30%

Projects that explore original ideas and the creative use of resources stand out.  The creativity can be the uniqueness of the scientific concept being explored, a novel approach to solving an old problem, or the ingenious use of equipment.  The analysis and conclusion are particularly thoughtful.

Effort – 20%

Consider the amount of time the student has spent doing the actual science project.  Also, consider the amount of time the student spent reading, researching and learning about the subject being studied.